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Stone awards are stunning for their authentic texture, natural patterns, and heavy mass. It’s possible to create awards out of natural stone, synthetic stone, or a blend of both. Our top-of-the-line machinery paired with our team of talented designers create customized awards that are exclusive and special. Using stone such as marble, Altrum creates defining elements on your trophy for an elegant and polished look. Altrum’s team is ready to collaborate with you on a variety of unique award ideas that will delight and truly honor its recipients.

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Natural & Synthetic Stone Awards

One of the main types of stones Altrum uses is granite, which is also a natural stone. Granite awards look and feel luxurious due to their heavy weight, and they can be shaped and polished to take on many different forms. Stone awards are often used for:

  • Sport Competitions
  • Business Achievement Awards
  • Gala Events
  • Arts and Culture Celebrations

Natural stone is a premium material that is typically used sparingly in awards. Natural stones include granite, marble, and quartz. To achieve similar results, many clients opt for synthetic stone, or a stone blend. Synthetic stone, also knowns as acrystone, is made of acrylic components that is made to look very similar to natural stone. Additionally, acrystone awards can be made in any shade of brown or gray, which resemble the pigments of natural stones.

The advantage of creating a custom stone award with synthetic stone and stone blends is that it has a lower shipping cost when you are making a larger order, as this blend becomes lighter due to the acrystone. For a more unique award, natural stone can be used to make your award truly a one of a kind.

Stone Award Design Decorations

To create an authentic customized stone award or gift, Altrum has a few different options to choose from!

Engraving: A classic and well-known method for custom stone awards is engraving, also called etching. This implies using a laser to precisely carve text or logos into stone awards, (or metal plaques).

Etch & Color Fill: This method is used to make your text or logos truly pop. The first step in this process is to laser-engrave the customization elements, and then carefully fill the etching with paint. The filling process is manual and requires a high degree of craftsmanship. The most popular colors are gold and silver, which go perfectly with granite, black stone, or marble.

Direct Printing: This method is quick, efficient, and budget-friendly. A direct print means that the customization elements are printed directly onto the surface of the award or plaque, with high quality ink.

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