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Client Zone

A Client Zone is a private section, accessible to select people in your organization, that contains custom ready-to-order awards designed specifically for your company. 

It's the perfect option if you are running a recurring awards program. Years of service awards, retirement awards, deal announcement ceremonies, or to celebrate your team’s many successes, our private client zone allows you to manage repeat orders seamlessly. We recommend this solution if you plan to order the same award model multiple times per year, or wish to implement a consistent program across your different offices.

How it works

  1. We discuss your needs over the phone.
  2. We'll send you design options, we can make adjustments to the mock-ups until your team is 100% satisfied with the final result.
  3. We will program your Client Zone and add your custom awards.
  4. You purchase your awards 10 days before you need them!


There is a $250 setup fee per design. Then, you only pay for the units you purchase plus taxes and shipping.The unit cost depends on your design requirements and budget; it can be as low as $55 up to a few hundred dollars per award.


Best for...

  • You order at least 10 awards per year.
  • You have a program in place that requires you to order awards weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • You have multiple office locations or branches and you'd like each of them to order their own awards.

Contact us to view a demo or to discuss your awards program! 


Case Study: Gecko Alliance Employee Recognition Program

Gecko Alliance is the lead player in the pool and spa industry. A few years ago the company decided to put in place a years of service and retirement program. With hundreds of employees in Canada and Mexico, the program needed to be multilingual, provide rapid awards fulfillment, and allow the HR department to place custom orders seamlesly. 

We worked together to create custom awards; the Years of Service award is a crystal water drop, with custom fields for the employee's name, number of years at the company, and a custom Thank You message from the co-presidents. The award is available in French and Spanish, and they can be shipped to each recipient individually when needed. 

The HR department at Gecko has celebrated many employees since, and you can see water drops proudly displayed on employee's desks in their offices internationally!


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